Do you have an idea of how you want that room or house to look but just can't visualize it?

How could a new paint color or new shutters or a new door, etc. change the look of your home?

Want to know what that blah white room would look like with a pop of color?

Creative Visual Concepts can help you recognize that vision.  We will take the photograph you supply and work with you to develop and perfect your concept.  We are not a design service, simply a way for you to visualize the changes you might want to make.  Once we have completed your project we will provide you with a JPEG file showing the changes. You can then use our mock up to work with design professionals to complete your project.

Creative Visual Concepts helps you to visualize how to turn that "Ugly Duckling" into that "Beautiful Swan"

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On the house shown below the client wanted to see how stain colors, stone wraps on the posts, awnings over some windows, different trim colors and additional stone on certain areas would change the look of the house before taking the project to the next stages.  The first picture shows the existing home.  The remainder are mock ups provided to the client.  We were able to provide the client with several virtual facades to allow them to view different stain colors, stone colors and locations as well as new metal awnings.  This allowed the client to move to the next stage of the project with a better idea of how the completed project would look.


The house shown below had white siding, white garage doors, shutters that did not "fit" the windows, a large picture window and other elements that didn't work to make a cohesive look.  Noting the roof and overhangs had a "prairie/craftsman" feel the picture was altered to show new garage doors, new windows, a new front door, a new porch column and a new carriage lamp.  We also showed the owner how it could look with the siding painted and new and additional landscaping.

The client for the house shown below had various ideas that they wanted to view before making their final decisions.  Those included new garage doors, a new front door, different paint treatments for the siding and trim and most radically, painting of the brick and addition of stacked stone.  We were able to bring about their vision.

For this project the client wanted to see how changes such as a new gabled porch, railings, columns, shutters and possible color changes would look before moving to the design phase.  Working with the client we developed a visual presentation of these changes.  Based on our work with the client they were able to visualize these changes and move on to the design phase.


The client shown below was interested in seeing different colors and their impact on the house.  After showing them other colors the client narrowed their choices to different shades of gray, with trim colors in whites and grays.  We also showed the client how new landscaping, a "beefier" column, a coach light and more prominent address numbers added to the overall look.

The client shown below had recently purchased their home and we worked with them to bring their vision from the idea stage to virtual reality.  In addition to showing the client different color schemes, garage doors, etc. they also wanted to see some ideas for creating a more welcoming front facade.

After working with them on the outside of the home they were interested in seeing how some kitchen upgrades might look.  We were able to show them how painting the cabinets, the walls, darkening the stain on the floor, a back splash and a natural edge walnut counter on the island would look.

The client shown below requested that we provide them with an updated look to their brick ranch.  Changes envisioned were painting the brick gray, columns in stone, different stained woods and white.  A porch railing was added to define that space.  Stacked stone was also added to cover the foundation walls.  The look was finished with ideas for front doors and new landscaping.

Creative Visual Concepts can also tackle commercial and other non-residential projects.  The church shown below was interested in seeing how their building might look if the existing drop off area was converted to new enclosed space.  We provided them with the mock ups below.